The Versatility of Finish Thompson Pumps

In virtually every industry, there is an application that needs a pump. From simple transfer to complex manufacturing processes, Finish Thompson pumps offer reliable, durable solutions for your fluid and corrosive chemical needs.
Learn how FTI pumps specifically support a wide range of industries: Case Studies for Pump Applications.

Chemical Manufacturing/Distribution

  • Transfer chemicals from bulk storage to blending tanks
  • Circulate chemicals in blending tanks
  • Load/unload chemicals from trucks & rail cars
  • Transfer chemicals through piping within plant
  • Provide flow through heat exchangers

Water/Waste Water Treatment

  • Transfer chemicals from bulk storage to day tanks
  • Unload chemicals from tank trucks to bulk storage
  • Rapidly empty batch treatment tanks
  • Disinfect treated waste water with sodium hypochlorite

Aquarium/Aquatic Life

  • Focus tanks
  • Circulation of water to tanks and aquatic life zones
  • Pump water to holding area
  • Transfer waste water to storage tanks for treatment

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

  • DEF dispensing systems
  • Portable DEF transfer
  • Container to container transfer
  • Blending
  • Pumping DI (deionized) water

Power Plant

  • Pump boiler water treatment chemicals
  • Pump chemicals for cleaning heat exchangers
  • Antifreeze transfer

Electroplating and Anodizing

  • Provide flow through eductors for mixing of plating tanks without introducing air
  • Provide flow through filters to keep plating solutions clean
  • Transfer waste water and water treatment chemicals in on-site water treatment plants
  • Transfer chemicals and rinse waters from sumps

Printed Circuit Board and Electronics 

  • Filter solutions to keep them clean
  • Provide pressure & flow to spray bars
  • Provide high flow at low pressure for flood bars
  • Pump DI water for cleaning & other processes
  • Eliminate microbubbles to improve board quality

Fume Scrubbers 

  • Wet scrubber systems
  • Provide pressure and flow of fume scrubbing chemicals to spray nozzles
  • Provide compact footprint for fume scrubber OEM's
  • Improve pump reliability by eliminating pump shaft and motor corrosion problems

Bio-filtration and Odor Control 

  • Frequently used in sewage treatment plants to control odors
  • Pump dilute solutions of sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide
  • Convert hydrogen sulfide to sulfer
  • Provide flow and pressure to spray nozzles


  • Unloading of tank trucks and rail cars
  • Transfer chemicals from bulk storage to process
  • Transfer chemicals from bulk storage to day tanks used in water treatment

Pulp and Paper Industry 

  • Transfer chemicals from bulk storage to process
  • Used in bleach plant to pump hydrogen peroxide, sulfuric acid, and sodium hypochlorite
  • Transfer chemicals from trucks and rail cars to storage tanks

Pharmaceutical and Medical 

  • Pump sodium bicarbonate and other chemicals used in kidney dialysis clinics
  • Pump DI water for cleaning processes in cosmetic industry
  • Transfer perfumes and dyes to process tanks
  • Transfer health & beauty products such as shampoos, lotions, & liquid soaps from bulk storage to smaller containers.

Food and Beverage

  • Pump water for cleaning processes
  • Transfer additives and dyes to process tanks
  • Pump sauces, juices, syrups, spirits, etc. from barrels to smaller containers for secondary processes (non-3A) prior to final processing


  • Plastic parts chroming
  • Metal parts treatment
  • Automotive paint manufacturing

Steel Processing 

  • Steel Pickling
  • Wire processing & Cleaning
  • Galvanizing
  • Waste Acid
  • Waste water

Renewable Energy

  • Wind turbine
  • Solar panels and solar cells
  • Flow batteries
  • Fuel cells


  • Pumping bio-diesel & ethanol
  • Sulfuric, HCL, caustic additives during processing
  • Tanker loading

Agricultural Chemicals

  • Transfer chemicals from bulk storage to blending tanks
  • Load/unload chemicals from trucks & rail cars
  • Load chemicals on filling machines
  • Circulate chemicals in blending tanks


  • Pumping aquaculture medicines like Formalin and hydrogen peroxide from drums and totes
  • Water recirculation and filtration

General Industry

  • Provide flow and pressure to chillers and heat exchangers
  • Pump cleaning solutions to process lines in manufacture of wire products
  • Used in secondary containment in chemical sump applications
  • Transfer chemicals & rinse waters from sumps