Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps for Power Plant Applications

Sealless magnetic drive pumps are the go-to solution for chemical transfer in power plants. The operation of these facilities requires reliable systems that can safely handle the transfer of harsh chemicals. Even a single pump failure can cause a domino effect that leads to costly down time as well as potential safety hazards. To keep plants running smoothly and efficiently, Finish Thompson offers a complete line of heavy-duty sealless magnetic drive pumps that are ideal for power plant applications.

Typical Applications

  • Pump boiler water treatment chemicals
  • Pump chemicals for cleaning heat exchangers
  • Antifreeze transfer


For Moving Harsh Fluids in Power Plant Applications, Finish Thompson Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps Are Up to the Challenge

What do sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and formic acid have in common? They’re all used in the power generation process.

What do sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and formic acid have in common? They’re all used in the power generation process. What else do they have in common? They are harsh substances that require heavy-duty pumps for safe and efficient handling. Finish Thompson’s product line offers ideal solutions.

“Power plants use a variety of corrosive chemicals for their processes,” explains Pete Scantlebury, VP of Development for Finish Thompson. “The most common being cooling and water treatment. Our sealless magnetic drive pumps were designed with these types of harsh environments in mind.”

Heavy-Duty Solutions for Heavy-Duty Jobs

Two features make Finish Thompson pumps perfect for power plant applications.

Mag-drive design: Scantlebury notes, “The sealless design eliminates significant maintenance, cost and downtime. Plant operators never have to worry about a leaking seal, because there is no seal. Our powerful neodymium magnets deliver leak-free operation with no environmental emissions, no mechanical seal costs and no seal support systems.”

Chemical resistance: Finish Thompson sealless magnetic drive pumps are built from the ground up to handle the harshest chemicals. Ultra-durable ULTRAChem® pumps feature EFTE linings and tough ductile iron construction to make these pumps ideal for the most demanding applications.

Where Can You Find a Finish Thompson Mag Drive Pump in a Power Plant?

Cooling Systems Treatment
Thermal power plants produce significant waste heat as a byproduct, necessitating a corresponding cooling system. Scantlebury reports, “In the U.S. alone, power generation cooling systems use trillions of gallons of water annually, and that water must be treated. If left untreated, organic growth, fouling, scaling and corrosion can reduce plant productivity, cause plant downtime, and require costly equipment replacements.”

Common treatment methods combine coagulation, flocculation and ion exchange resin to create high-purity water to be released as steam. Cooling systems also require neutralization and de-scaling chemicals. Scantlebury adds, “These processes require reliable pumps to handle the harsh chemicals involved, which is where Finish Thompson comes in.”

Boiler Systems Treatment
In a power plant, the primary function of the boiler is to transfer massive amounts of heat from the source of combustion into steam to drive turbines. Once the water evaporates inside the boiler, dissolved salt leaves scale deposits on the heat transfer surfaces.

“Scale has much lower heat transfer capacity than the steel boiler,” notes Scantlebury, “At least, the scale build-up causes inefficiencies from reduced flow, and at worst, causes overheating and potential failure of the boiler tubes. Plant managers must control these scale deposits as well as provide corrosion control in the boilers, condensers, and heat exchangers. This requires the use of harsh chemicals, which Finish Thompson sealless magnetic drive pumps are designed to handle.”

The Right Pump for the Job

Scantlebury points to two of Finish Thompson’s product lines as ideal solutions for power plant operations. He reports, “Our drum pumps efficiently move treatment chemicals from drums and totes / IBCs. In addition, our DB/SP Series sealless magnetic drive pumps are ideal for bulk transfer and recirculation, meeting the demands for these harsh environments. They are perfectly suited for the tasks.”

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Pump Details

Magnetically coupled, sealless centrifugal pumps. While NOT manufactured from FDA compliant materials, Finish Thompson DB Series and SP Series pumps are designed from the ground up to pump corrosive chemicals.

  • No mechanical seal – Powerful rare earth magnetic drive system eliminates the troublesome mechanical seal.
  • Corrosion resistant – Engineered for the most aggressive liquids, manufactured from polypropylene or PVDF.
  • Run dry ability – Makes them less prone to operator error or system upset.
  • Self-priming option – SP Series pumps can lift fluid from as deep as 25 feet (7.6 meters) below the pump or can pull liquid out of the top of a tank eliminating through-the-sidewall bulkhead fittings.

  • Multi-stage design – to produce much higher heads at lower flow rates than similarly sized single-stage pumps.

  • Performance – Heads up to 300 feet (91.5 meters) are possible, with a minimum flow rate of one gpm (0.23 m3/hr) and a maximum flow rate of 69 gpm (15.7 m3/hr).

  • No mechanical seal – Powerful rare earth magnetic drive system eliminates the troublesome mechanical seal.

Finish Thompson drum pumps are extremely versatile and are not just for use in in drums. A wide range of tube lengths allow them to be used in drums, barrels, totes, IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) and other container sizes.

  • PP, PVDF or 316SS tubes – Select based on your application
  • Built-in hose and cord clips – Specific models
  • ODP (open drip proof), TEFC and air motor drive options – lithium ion battery powered motor on select models