Sealless Plastic Pumps

The innovative design of Finish Thompson sealless magnetic drive centrifugal pumps delivers unique advantages. These pumps utilize two sets of magnets to transfer power from the motor to the pump impeller, which moves the fluid. A drive magnet is connected to the motor shaft, and the driven magnet is contained inside the impeller assembly.

Because a solid barrier separates the two magnets, there is no physical connection and no possibility of leakage or emissions. This sealless design improves productivity, safety and compliance.


Sealless magnetic drive pumps eliminate the time-consuming and costly task of maintaining a pump with a mechanical seal. With sealed pump styles, when a seal fails, maintenance staff must remove the pump from the piping, decontaminate the unit of toxic fluids, replace the seal, then reassemble and reinstall the pump. Downtime translates to lost productivity and very likely lost profitability.


Finish Thompson sealless magnetic drive pumps are designed from the ground up to handle the most corrosive and toxic chemicals—without the possibility of leakage. This leak-free design is made possible by eliminating the mechanical seal that would otherwise wear and eventually leak. As a result, operators and maintenance personnel will not be exposed to the hazards of leaking chemicals or to emissions. Safer surroundings also improve moral, as employees feel more comfortable in their work environment.

Regulatory Compliance

The lack of mechanical seals in sealless magnetic drive pumps makes it easier to maintain an emission-free environment. Controlling VOCs and VHAPs are an essential part of this process. This, in turn, makes it easier to comply with emissions standards, threatening employee and public safety, as well as fines or shut-down orders.

Fortunately, sealless magnetic drive pumps make the entire compliance process easier. The elimination of emissions creates safe surroundings that comply with health and safety regulations. Pump owners can enjoy full compliance as they remove this concern from their plate.

Product Line Overview

DB Series

Flooded Suction Pumps

The Standard for Hydraulic Efficiency and Corrosive Fluid Handling

  • Sealless mag-drive design
  • Engineered for performance and proven in the field
  • Runs dry for hours without damage when equipped with a carbon bushing
  • Best efficiency of any pump in its class
  • Polypropylene or PVDF corrosion resistant construction
  • No seal replacement and no leaks
  • Horizontal or vertical installation (with IEC motor only)
  • High specific gravity handling – over 1.8s
Product Type Name

MSDB Series

MSDB Series Flooded Suction Pumps

Unique Magnetic Drive Multi-Stage Pumps

  • Ideal for high-head, low-flow applications like spray, filtration, and chemical delivery
  • Based on the proven DB Series 11/15 platform, MSDB pumps share many of the same features including sealless mag drive design
  • Each stage produces additional head allowing MSDB pumps to produce much higher heads at lower flows, allowing the use of a smaller, less expensive pump in the application
Product Type Name

SP Series

SP Series Self-Priming Pumps

The Most Innovative and Versatile Mag-Drive Centrifugal Pump

  • Sealless mag-drive design
  • Big on power - short on energy consumption
  • Deep-lift capabilities (up to 25 feet/7.6 meters)
  • Lightning-fast priming (18 feet/5.5 meters in 90 seconds)
  • Ease of operation
  • No seal replacement and no leaks
  • Corrosion-resistant materials handle the most difficult applications
Product Type Name

KC/MSKC Series Pumps

KC/MSKC Series Pumps

Sealless Mag-Drive Centrifugal Pumps

  • MSKC is a sealless multi-stage pump for high-pressure/low-flow applications
  • For KC Series pumps, next generation mag drive pumps, the DB Series, are now available. Finish Thompson continues to provide product, parts and support for the KC Series. For technical fliers, curve books, and manuals please see Centrifugal Downloads in the Resources section of the website.
Product Type Name