MSDB Series

MSDB Series Flooded Suction Pumps

Unique Magnetic Drive Multi-Stage Pumps

  • Ideal for high-head, low-flow applications like spray, filtration, and chemical delivery
  • Based on the proven DB Series 11/15 platform, MSDB pumps share many of the same features including sealless mag drive design
  • Each stage produces additional head allowing MSDB pumps to produce much higher heads at lower flows, allowing the use of a smaller, less expensive pump in the application

Series Features

  • Heads up to 306 feet (93.3 meters)
  • Minimum flow rate is 1 gpm (.23 m3/h)
  • Maximum working pressure up to 135 psi (9.3 bar)
  • High specific gravity handling: over 1.8
  • Horizontal or vertical installation (with IEC motor only)
  • Sealless design improves reliability with no seal maintenance to perform or seal leaks
  • High power neodymium magnetic drive system handles high specific gravity fluids
  • Two-stage versions contain two impellers, three-stage versions contain three impellers
  • Engineered for corrosive fluids with polypropylene/PPS or PVDF/PPS construction
  • Compact close-coupled design
  • CE/UKCA/EAC certified


  • High working pressure up to 135 psi (9.3 bar)
  • Maximum viscosity over 150 cP
  • Maximum temperature: - Polypropylene/PPS: 180°F (82°C) | - PVDF/PPS: 220°F (104°C)
  • Flow range: models from 1 to 69.8 gpm (.23 to 15.9 m3/hr)
  • Maximum head: models from 204 feet to 306.3 feet (62.2 to 61.3 meters)


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