ULTRAChem® UC Series

ANSI Dimensional ETFE Lined Pumps

Ultra Reliable • Ultra Durable • Ultra Sealless

  • Tough ductile iron construction
  • ETFE lining for superior corrosion resistance for extreme chemical applications
  • ANSI dimensional for efficient installation
  • Sealless mag drive design features powerful neodymium magnets

Series Features

  • Fully supported shaft and self-aligning dual bushings designed for optimum alignment preventing premature wear
  • Built-in reliability based on Industry’s lowest radial loads
  • Careful design balances axial forces inside the pump to control excess thrust loads
  • Complete encapsulation of inner drive magnets in ETFE ensures ultimate corrosion protection
  • Every pump is tested before shipment
  • Every pump is shipped with its specific curve at no additional cost


  • Maximum working pressure to 300 psi (20.7 Bar)
  • Maximum viscosity: over 200 cP
  • Maximum temperature: 250°F (121°C)
  • Flow range: models from 1 to 1,450 gpm (.3 to 329.3 m3/hr)
  • Maximum head: models from 73 feet to 492 feet (30.7 to 150 meters)
  • Specific gravity: over 1.8
  • Casing: ANSI/ASME B73.1m & 73.3
  • Flanges: ANSI, ISO/DIN
  • Certifications: CE/UKCA/EAC
  • Motor frames: - NEMA: 143 through 405 | - IEC: 90 through 280 | - Bearing frame | - Gas engine


UC Series Brochure

UC Série Pompes À Entraînement Magnétique Avec Revêtement ETFE

UC Series Curvebook

UC Series Dimensional Drawings Booklet

UC326 Dimensional Drawings (STEP)

UC326 Dimensional Drawing (pdf)

UC326 Dimensional Drawing (dwg)

UC326H Dimensional Drawings (STEP)

UC326H Dimensional Drawing (pdf)

UC326H Dimensional Drawing (dwg)

UC328 Dimensional Drawings (STEP)

UC328 Dimensional Drawing (pdf)

UC328 Dimensional Drawing (dwg)

UC436 Dimensional Drawing (STEP)

UC436 Dimensional Drawing (pdf)

UC436L Dimensional Drawings (STEP)

UC436L Dimensional Drawing (pdf)

UC436L Dimensional Drawing (dwg)

UC438 Dimensional Drawings (STEP)

UC438 Dimensional Drawing (pdf)

UC438 Dimensional Drawing (dwg)

UC1516 Dimensional Drawing (dwg)

UC1516/UC1516L Dimensional Drawings (STEP)

UC1516L Dimensional Drawing (pdf)

UC1516L Dimensional Drawing (dwg)

UC1518L Dimensional Drawing (pdf)

UC1518L Dimensional Drawing (dwg)

UC2110/UC2110L Dimensional Drawings (STEP)

UC2110L Dimensional Drawing (pdf)

UC2110L Dimensional Drawing (dwg)

UC3110 Dimensional Drawings (STEP)

UC3110 Dimensional Drawing (pdf)

UC3110 Dimensional Drawing (dwg)

UC3158 Dimensional Drawings (STEP)

UC3158 Dimensional Drawing (pdf)

UC3158 Dimensional Drawing (dwg)

UC3210 Dimensional Drawings (STEP)

UC3210 Dimensional Drawing (pdf)

UC3210 Dimensional Drawing (dwg)

UC4310H Dimensional Drawings (STEP)

UC4310H Dimensional Drawing (pdf)

UC4310H Dimensional Drawing (dwg)

UC6410 Dimensional Drawings (STEP)

UC6410 Dimensional Drawing (pdf)

UC6410 Dimensional Drawing (dwg)

UC326 Technical Flyer

UC326H Technical Flyer

UC328 Technical Flyer

UC436 Technical Flyer

UC436L Technical Flyer

UC438 Technical Flyer

UC1516L Technical Flyer

UC1516 Technical Flyer

UC1518L Technical Flyer

UC6410 Technical Flyer

DB, SP, & UC Series Gas Engine Option Technical Flyer

UC Series ATEX Certificate

Centrifugal CE Certificate of Conformity

UCII Group Manual

UC Basetek Flyer

UC Basetek How To Pick Part Number

UC Bearing Frame Technical Flyer

UC Series Base Plates Technical Flyer

UltraChem Series Manual

UC Pump Repair Cartridge Options

UC Basetek Corrosion Guide

UC3110 Technical Flyer

UC3120 Dimensional Drawings (STEP)

UC3156 Dimensional Drawings (STEP)

UC1518/UC1518L Dimensional Drawings (STEP)

UC1518 Technical Flyer

UC2110 Technical Flyer

UC2110L Technical Flyer

UC3156 Technical Flyer

UC3158 Technical Flyer

UC3210 Technical Flyer

UC4310H Technical Flyer

Centrifugal – Chemical Guides

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