Mag Drive Pump Solutions for Water & Waste Water Treatment Applications

The Finish Thompson extensive line of sealless magnetic drive pumps includes models perfectly suited for water treatment settings. With rugged construction, strong neodymium magnets and hours of run-dry capability, these centrifugal chemical pumps are designed from the ground up for efficiency and durability.

Typical Applications

  • Transfer chemicals from bulk storage to day tanks
  • Unload chemicals from tank trucks to bulk storage
  • Sampling pumps
  • Provide flow of regeneration chemicals for ion exchange tanks
  • Rapidly empty batch treatment tanks
  • Disinfect treated waste water with sodium hypochlorite
  • Dechlorinate waste water before discharge with sodium bisulfite


Finish Thompson Offers Magnetic Sealless Pump Solution for Chemicals Used in Water Treatment Industry

“Who wants to replace pumps every two or three months?” This was the question on Chris MacPhee’s mind as White House Utility District (WHUD) in Tennessee sought a reliable solution for their water treatment facility.

“Who wants to replace pumps every two or three months?” This was the question on Chris MacPhee’s mind as White House Utility District (WHUD) in Tennessee sought a reliable solution for their water treatment facility. As Plant Supervisor, McPhee wanted a pump that would reduce maintenance and replacement costs. He found what he needed at Finish Thompson.

After installing a new bleach feed system, the district needed pumps that would withstand the harsh chemicals constantly flowing in their systems. “Finish Thompson worked diligently to come up with a solution for us,” reports MacPhee. “They were willing to work with us to try different techniques, and the design on these new pumps has withstood the constant flow of bleach and helped us improve our water treatment process.”

Consistent Solutions

This isn’t the first time Finish Thompson has come through for WHUD. Several years ago, they began experiencing leaks in some existing chemical pumps – the seals were deteriorating under the strain of the chemicals. They replaced one of these pumps with a Finish Thompson DB Series magnetic sealless pump. After it worked well, they eventually changed out all of the pumps in that application. They now have a dozen of these pumps in place and have been very happy with them.

MacPhee reports, “They were pretty much plug and play. We put them in six years ago and haven’t had one issue from those pumps.” Will Weathers, Finish Thompson Regional Manager, explains, “WHUD had been using a competitor’s pumps that were mechanically sealed, which caused issues and frustrations over time due to frequent repairs. Our DB Series sealless magnetic drive pumps offer a more compact and simpler solution to do the job.

Weathers continues, “The biggest advantage to the mag drive pump is a lack of mechanical seal that can wear out and cause leaks. When you need a corrosive chemical transfer pump, leaks can’t be tolerated.”

The local pump distributor says, “Finish Thompson pumps make maintenance easy and are energy efficient. Their quality made it a pretty easy choice to recommend for WHUD. The feedback we’ve gotten has been really positive.”

Superior Service

Pump reliability isn’t the only quality that has drawn the distributor to Finish Thompson. Their service is also industry leading. The distributor adds, “I can’t stress enough the support Finish Thompson provides. They offer both hands-on and technical assistance, and their support crew is excellent. They are one of our best partners.”

MacPhee has a similar high opinion of Finish Thompson. He reports, “We’ve had good results over the past several years. A lot of vendors, once they sell you the product, they’re pretty much done. Finish Thompson has been willing to work with us to find the best solution for our needs – before, during, and even after we’ve implemented a new solution.”

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Pump Details

Magnetically coupled, sealless centrifugal pumps. Finish Thompson DB Series and SP Series pumps are designed from the ground up to pump corrosive chemicals.

  • No mechanical seal – Powerful rare earth magnetic drive system eliminates the troublesome mechanical seal.
  • Corrosion resistant – Engineered for the most aggressive liquids, manufactured from polypropylene or PVDF.
  • Run dry ability – Makes them less prone to operator error or system upset.
  • Self-priming option – SP Series pumps can lift fluid from as deep as 25 feet (7.6 meters) below the pump or can pull liquid out of the top of a tank eliminating through-the-sidewall bulkhead fittings.

Engineered for extreme reliability in the most extreme chemical processing applications, Finish Thompson’s ULTRAChem® pumps are magnetically driven, ANSI dimensional pumps. They are constructed from tough ductile iron with ETFE lining for superior corrosion resistance..

  • Sealless design – Powerful neodymium magnets drive the impeller through a carbon-filled ETFE lined barrier for dependable, leak-free operation.
  • Fully supported shaft and self-aligning dual bushings – designed for optimum alignment to prevent premature wear.
  • Complete encapsulation of inner drive magnets in ETFE – for ultimate corrosion protection.

Finish Thompson GP Series sealed centrifugal pumps offer excellent corrosion resistance. Made with molded housings of wear-resistant polypropylene or PVDF, they are available with a wide range of mechanical seals, while multiple impeller diameters allow for enhanced hydraulic selection and application flexibility.

  • Bellows, multispring or double type seals – specify for maximum suction pressure.
  • Accepts standard NEMA or IEC metric motors – to meet application requirements.
  • Close-coupled or pedestal mounted options.
  • Modular design – component interchangeability.

Sealed stainless steel centrifugal pumps from Finish Thompson. The rugged, compact AP Series AC horizontal pumps are available with FDA compliant materials and built to withstand the harshest chemical environments.

  • Heavy gage 316 stainless steel construction – Handles higher pipe and hose loads for long, dependable life.
  • Centrifugal design – Provides smooth, pulseless liquid flow.
  • Multiple sizes – A wide variety of suction/discharge sizes and impeller diameters for increased hydraulic coverage.
  • High temperature range – Capable of handling hot liquids (up to 300°F/149°C).

Vertical magnetic drive sealless centrifugal pumps, VKC Series pumps from Finish Thompson offer excellent corrosion resistance and magnetic drive reliability. Multiple impeller diameters and column lengths offer enhanced hydraulic selection and application flexibility.

  • True sealless vertical pump design magnetic drive – eliminates the need for wetted shaft bearings.
  • Sealed airtight column – helps prevent shaft and motor corrosion and reduces environmental emissions.
  • No back impeller – single impeller prevents aeration and eliminates microbubbles in fluid being pumped.

Finish Thompson drum pumps are extremely versatile and are not just for use in in drums. A wide range of tube lengths allow them to be used in drums, barrels, totes, IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) and other container sizes.

PP, PVDF or 316SS tubes – Select based on your application.
Built-in hose and cord clips – On select models.
ODP (open drip proof), TEFC and air motor drive options — Lithium ion battery powered motor on select models.
PF Series

  • High performance sealless pump
  • Unique double suction impeller provides high flow rates and high discharge pressure
  • Viscosity up to 2,000 cP
  • Acids, bases, water treatment chemicals, cleaners, sanitary

EF Series

  • An ideal replacement for hand pumps
  • Integral strainer
  • Built-in hose, cord clips (EFP/EFV only)
  • Light acids and bases, plating solutions, sodium hypochlorite, cleaners, coolants


Powered by compressed air, FTI Air pumps can run dry, handle solids and abrasives, pump viscous and shear-sensitive fluids and are easy to install and operate. They offer excellent chemical resistance with corrosive/hazardous chemicals and can be used for numerous applications including loading and unloading tankers, totes and barrels; for batching/dosing chemicals or as portable utility pumps.

  • Simple, durable design – Fewer parts improves reliability and maintenance.
  • Non-stalling air valve – Simple, rugged, reliable design.
  • Variable flow and pressure — Easy adjustment makes it easy to meet application requirements.
  • Ease of operation & maintenance — Fewer parts makes FTI Air pumps easy to install, operate and maintain.
FTI Air Product