Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps for Biofiltration/Odor Control Applications

The chemicals involved in biofiltration and odor control are some of the harshest substances used in any industry. These applications require robust systems to withstand harsh environments and safely deliver reliable results. Finish Thompson’s durable sealless magnetic drive pumps are designed to meet the challenges of these high-demand applications.

Typical Applications

  • Control odors at sewage treatment plants
  • Pump dilute solutions of sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide
  • Convert hydrogen sulfide to sulfur
  • Provide flow and pressure to spray nozzles


Finish Thompson Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps Provide Perfect Fix for Waste Water Plant Odor Control System

When your operations involve using 40% sulfuric acid, you need a pump that can handle the harshest of chemicals.

When your operations involve using 40% sulfuric acid, you need a pump that can handle the harshest of chemicals. One Costa Rica-based waste water treatment plant discovered that the pumps in their facility were not up to the task.

“The pumps lasted a mere four to five months before the seals and the impellers failed,” reports Gilberto Narváez Cardona, Finish Thompson Regional Manager for Latin America. Clearly, the plant needed a better pump to meet the demands of their extreme-duty application.

The failing pumps were part of the plant’s two-tower odor washing system. One section uses sulfuric acid, and the other involves chlorine. The failure of the mechanical seals was causing dangerous spills in the installation area, which posed hazards for employees and the environment. Realizing the customer needed something safer and more reliable, their local distributor recommended Finish Thompson’s sealless magnetic drive pumps.

Specifically, the distributor recommended the UltraChem® UC Series pumps. These centrifugal chemical pumps feature a sealless design that provides reliable operation even in the harshest environments.

Once the Finish Thompson UC sealless magnetic drive pumps were installed, the issues ceased. “Their UC pumps are almost two years old now and have experienced no problems,” notes Gilberto. Switching from the sealed pump technology to magnetic coupling eliminated the issues with worn seals and the inevitable leaks they caused.

Local Support

As the plant sought better solutions for their application, a second high priority for their pump specification was the availability of local support. Gilberto explains, “Previously, any spare parts they needed had to be shipped from Spain, at high cost and with very long wait times.” As a result, their systems experienced extended down times, which also generated offensive odors.

With Finish Thompson centrifugal chemical pumps, the distributor can supply the plant much faster and more economically. This improves the customer’s operations and their bottom line.

Complete Satisfaction

“The initial UC pump that was installed met all their expectations,” notes Gilberto. The company was so satisfied with the results that they decided to replace their other pumps with Finish Thompson’s UC Series sealless magnetic drive pumps as well, to complete the upgrade of their odor control application and provide reliable operation for their systems going forward.

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Pump Details

Magnetically coupled, sealless centrifugal pumps. Finish Thompson DB Series and SP Series pumps are designed from the ground up to pump corrosive chemicals in electroplating and anodizing facilities.

  • No mechanical seal – Powerful rare earth magnetic drive system eliminates the troublesome mechanical seal.

  • Corrosion resistant – Engineered for the most aggressive liquids, manufactured from polypropylene or PVDF.

  • Run dry ability – Makes them less prone to operator error or system upset.

  • Self-priming option – SP Series pumps can lift fluid from as deep as 25 feet (7.6 meters) below the pump or can pull liquid out of the top of a tank eliminating through-the-sidewall bulkhead fittings.

Multi-stage sealless centrifugal pumps enable specification of smaller, less expensive pumps for low flow/high head applications. They feature sealless mag drive design.

  • Multi-stage design – to produce much higher heads at lower flow rates than similarly sized single-stage pumps.

  • Performance – Heads up to 300 feet (91.5 meters) are possible, with a minimum flow rate of one gpm (0.23 m3/hr) and a maximum flow rate of 69 gpm (15.7 m3/hr).

  • No mechanical seal – Powerful rare earth magnetic drive system eliminates the troublesome mechanical seal.

Engineered for extreme reliability in the most extreme chemical processing applications, Finish Thompson’s ULTRAChem® pumps are magnetically driven, ANSI dimensional pumps. They are constructed from tough ductile iron with ETFE lining for superior corrosion resistance.

  • Sealless design – Powerful neodymium magnets drive the impeller through a carbon-filled ETFE lined barrier for dependable, leak-free operation.

  • Fully supported shaft and self-aligning dual bushings – designed for optimum alignment to prevent premature wear.

  • Complete encapsulation of inner drive magnets in ETFE – for ultimate corrosion protection.