Drum Pump Accessories

Finish Thompson conveniently offers a variety of centrifugal and drum pump accessories designed to enhance any pump system. Please click the links below or to the right to view our pump accessories.

Flow Meters – Flow meters are offered exclusively for Finish Thompson model PFP, PFV, and PFM drum pumps. Available in polypropylene or PVDF, our flow meters offer options providing the rate at which fluids are pumped or the total number of gallons (or liters) pumped as well as an option to shut off the pump after a pre-determined batch has been pumped.

Static Protection Kit – A static protection kit, combined with a metal tube drum pump and appropriate motor, is designed to provide a high level of protection when pumping flammable liquids by helping to prevent the accumulation of static charge when transferring flammable or combustible liquids.

Nozzles – Nozzles are available in a variety of styles and materials to assist with flow control and dispensing of fluids.

Discharge Tubing – Discharge hose for dispensing fluid is available for all Finish Thompson drum pump models.

Miscellaneous – Finish Thompson also offers a variety of other drum pump accessories, including inlet strainers, drum adapters, hose clamps, and wall mount brackets.

Flow Meters



Drum Pump Nozzles