Vertical Pump Accessories

Centrifugal Pump Accessories

Finish Thompson conveniently offers a variety of centrifugal and drum pump accessories designed to enhance any pump system. Please click the links below or to the right to view our pump accessories.

VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) – Variable frequency drives, or VFD, are used to control the speed of a 3-phase motor by changing the frequency. Changing the speed of the motor changes the flow rate and discharge head of the pump to better meet the application performance requirements. This allows the pump to run more efficiently and eliminates the need for a throttling valve. VFDs are sized based on the horsepower (or kilowatts) of the motor and the available supply voltage.

M20 Power Monitor – The M20 power monitor can be used to protect any Finish Thompson centrifugal pump model from run dry damage, deadheading, excess power, de-coupling and priming issues.