Finish Thompson Solvent Recycling (Distillation Systems)

Why Recycle?

  • Fast payback - recycle a gallon of solvent for about 10¢/gallon.
  • Dramatically reduces new solvent purchases
  • Reduces liability associated with hazardous waste disposal
  • Achieves a 99.9% solvent purity
  • Minimal operator involvement - Turn it on and return when it is finished.
  • Easy to operate and virtually maintenance free
  • Environmentally friendly - recycling is good for the environment



USA manufactured, Finish Thompson Solvent Recycling systems incorporate superior technology and design to recycle almost any solvent for reuse. This solvent recycling (distillation) equipment has a proven track record. Thousands of satisfied customers use these solvent recyclers to successfully recycle millions of gallons of waste solvent on site each year.

Finish Thompson was a pioneer in the design and technology development of on site solvent distillation.  FTI's batch distillation systems achieved patent status and received certification from independent testing agencies. Nearly 30 years of manufacturing experience in this industry earned FTI an international reputation as an expert in the design, manufacture, and application of solvent distillation/solvent recycling technology. FTIsolvent recyclers carry a 3-year warranty along with a lifetime warranty on the heater unit.


How It Works

  • Insert a Stilbag liner into the distillation tank
  • Fill the bag with waste solvent and close the lid.
  • Turn the unit on. The waste solvent is heated until it turns to vapor.
  • Vapors cool and condense into clean, reusable solvent.
  • Clean solvent is ready for reuse.
  • The Stilbag containing the residue from the process is removed

LS Series Common Characteristics

  • Standard unit recycles solvents with boiling points to 300°F (150°C).
  • JetVac option expands solvent boiling point range to 500°F (260°C)
  • Process completion time 8 hours
  • All distillation tanks feature non-stick coating (except LS-55STE)
  • Stilbags available for all models.
  • Electrical requirements: 240V, 1 phase, 50/60 Hz
  • The Stilbag containing the residue from the process is removed.