Basetek Polymer Concrete Base Plates

Designed for ULTRAChem UC Series Pumps!

Manufactured of Zanite® Plus, a proprietary polymer concrete material, Basetek base plates
offer exceptional strength and corrosion resistance.

Features include:
  • Superior flatness, 0.002”/foot

  • 303 stainless steel cast in place threaded inserts for pump, motor and leveling

  • Superior damping compared to conventional steel bases

  • Foundation bolt holes

  • Standard grout hole

  • Integrated drip pan - Sloped towards a ¾” NPT drainage port

  • Meets all engineering specifications for polymer/BaseTek bases

  • Custom designed shims with stainless steel hardware (for 213/215 and larger, 143/145 and 182/184 motors are cantilevered)

  • Nine bases cover our entire UC Series offering, custom bases available upon request, including optional red Novolac epoxy

  • Unique multi-insert patterns allow two bases to cover UC1516/L, UC1518/L, & UC326 models 140 through 250 frames, one for true NEMA TC and one for non-NEMA TC dimension motors with a different BA dimension (for example where the manufacture installs a C face on a T frame motor - see below for additional information)

  • Slotted shims allow for mounting both NEMA and non-NEMA motors on all other bases





Technical Data




How to Choose the Correct Part Number

Finish Thompson offers nine BaseTek Zanite Plus baseplates for installation of UC Series pumps with NEMA motors. In addition to the nine baseplates, we developed a series of custom designed shims to work with the bases.

UC models UC326H, UC2110, UC3158, UC328, UC436, UC438, UC4310H

Selecting the correct base is straight forward, simply determine the motor frame size and find the corresponding part number for the fully assembled baseplate, shims, hardware and installation labor (one part number includes everything).

If you are going to install your own motor, choose the base plate and shim kit part numbers based on the frame size (two separate part numbers).

UC models UC1516, UC1516L, UC1518, UC1518L, UC326

For motor frames 143/145, 182/184 or 284/286 follow the same process outlined above.

UC models UC1516, UC1516L, UC1518, UC1518L, UC326

For motor frames 213/215 or 254/256 you must determine the motors “BA” dimension. BA measures the center of the mounting hole nearest to the end of the shaft to the beginning of the usable shaft. This information can be provided by the motor manufacturer.

  • Some motor manufacturers do not follow the true NEMA TC BA dimension for example Weg 213/215 and 254/256 motors or other motors where the manufacturer installs a C face on a T frame motor for example.
  • If you are purchasing the pump, motor and baseplate from us, we will quote the appropriate baseplate for the motor.
  • If the motor is supplied by the distributor or the customer you need to confirm the BA dimension and choose the appropriate baseplate (there are only two baseplate choices). The shim kit is based on the motor frame and is not BA dependent. If the motor BA is different from either of our options, it will require a custom mounting plate or a different motor that meets the BA dimensions.



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