What is a Mag Drive Pump?

A mag drive pump features a magnetic connection between the drive and the motor. To create this type of design, a set of strong magnets is attached to the end of the motor shaft and another set is contained within the impeller assembly. As the drive shaft rotates, the magnets create a balanced field to rotate the impeller. The magnets work in synchronization to create sealless pump operation.

This magnetically driven style offers five qualities that can make a mag drive pump superior to other designs.

1. Sealless Technology

Other pump styles include a direct drive mechanism – the drive shaft is connected to the impeller. This requires the use of a seal on the shaft. However, because mag drive pumps replace this physical mechanism with a magnetic connection, the need for a seal is eliminated.

This sealless technology is a game-changer for many pump applications. No mechanical seal means no leaks. A mag drive pump maintains two separate contained areas for the motor and the impeller. The fluid that is pumped remains in a hermetically sealed housing. Even the most corrosive chemicals can be pumped without concern of leakage. Pumps withmechanical seals inevitably leak creating potential hazards to people and the environment. The mag drive pump design decreases maintenance costs and can dramatically improve system uptime.

2. Run-dry Capability

Many pump designs cannot withstand a run-dry situation. Running dry can quickly damage or even destroy a pump. This may happen due to operator error or an issue in another part of the system. However, this is not a problem for a centrifugal mag drive pump when a carbon bushing is used because the special carbon formulation provides the pump with a low coefficient of friction. Some mag drive pump models with this design can run dry for hours without issue. In settings where pumps are not under constant supervision, this feature is a significant advantage.

3. Chemical Resistance

Not all pumps can handle harsh substances. Because a mag drive pump has no mechanical seal that could be affected by strong chemicals, this pump style is ideal for handling tough chemical applications. And this resistance to chemicals increases plant safety, particularly for system operators and technicians.

4. Durability

The design of a mag drive pump makes it long-lasting and reliable. Applications that involve the transfer of harsh chemicals, exposure to extreme temperatures, the potential of running dry, and other challenges do not faze these pumps. Operators can count on a mag drive pump to run reliably over the long haul.

5. Low Maintenance

A mag drive pump requires little to no maintenance to deliver long-term top performance, potentially for years at a time. It has no mechanical seal that must be replaced periodically, and it is resistant to chemicals, so it isn’t susceptible to corrosion. Pump owners can enjoy years of maintenance-free operation from a mag drive pump.

Mag Drive Pump Applications

The features noted above make mag drive pumps ideal for myriad industrial applications. Pump owners in a wide variety of settings can rely on a mag drive pump to provide a robust solution for their operations. These applications include:


  • Waste water treatment: Treatment plants can use a mag drive pump throughout their facilities. A mag drive pump is perfect for transferring chemicals from bulk storage to tanks, disinfecting treated waste water, and providing flow for ion exchange tanks.
  • Chemical manufacturing: When manufacturers need to circulate chemicals, transfer chemicals, or provide reliable flow through heat exchangers, a mag drive pump offers a reliable solution. They can expose this pump to the harshest chemicals with confidence.
  • Electroplating and anodizing: In this industry, it is essential to keep plating solutions clean, and a mag drive pump is ideal to provide flow for filters. This pump style also allows tank agitation without introducing air when used with eductors, which is crucial in these applications.
  • Steel processing: The steel industry must safely handle acids and acidic waste water. Manufacturers also need heavy-duty solutions for wire processing, cleaning, and steel pickling. A mag drive pump has the sealless, corrosion-resistant design that makes it a top choice for this industry.
  • Mining: Mining involves frequent transfers of chemicals, tank unloading, and chemical treatment processes. For the harsh conditions often encountered in this industry, operators can turn to a mag drive pump to handle these applications.

Other common applications for a mag drive pump include diesel exhaust fluid, bio-filtration, odor control, power plants, aquariums, fume scrubbers, and more. Across multiple industries, the mag drive pump offers robust technology that increases safety and decreases costs.

Choose Your Mag Drive Pump

Finish Thompson’s complete product line features a mag drive pump for each of these demanding applications. These industry-leading options include:

The DB Series – Flooded Suction Design Pumps

  • Hours of run-dry capability
  • Strongest neodynium magnets
  • Rugged construction
  • High efficiency

Finish Thompson DB Series Pump

The SP Series – Self Priming Pumps

  • Lightning fast priming
  • Powerful deep vacuum, capable of lifting fluid from as deep as 25 ft. (7.6 m)
  • Run-dry capability
  • No seals, so there are no leaks

Finish Thompson SP Series Pump

MSDB Series – Multi-stage Design Pumps

  • Much higher heads at lower flows
  • Heads up to 300 feet (91.5 meters)
  • 2 and 3-impeller models
  • 5-year warranty

Finish Thompson MSDB Series Pump

The UltraChem® Series – ANSI Dimensional Pumps

  • Tough ductile iron construction
  • ETFE lining for superior corrosion resistance
  • Run-dry capability
  • Sealless design for leak-free performance

Finish Thompson UC Series Pump

About Finish Thompson

Finish Thompson Inc. designs and manufactures pumps for the safe transfer of a wide variety of corrosive liquids. Products include sealless mag-drive centrifugal pumps with run-dry capability, mechanically sealed pumps, drum/barrel pumps, vertical mag-drive pumps, multi-stage pumps and FTI Air line of air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps.

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