News You Can Use Vol. 1

Finish Thompson manufactures products that are used by large and small companies to help produce a staggering variety of products we use every day.

Do you or someone you know drive a Harley motorcycle or a Honda car? FTI pumps are used on the chrome plating line for Harley’s and the paint line for Honda’s. Every time you turn on a faucet to get a drink, wash your car or water your lawn there is a good chance an FTI pump is somewhere on the other end pumping the chemicals used to treat our water. They pump disinfectants that kill pathogens, fluoride that protects our teeth and flocculants and coagulants that help remove solids.

Do you use a computer with an Intel processor? FTI pumps are used in every Intel plant to help treat the nasty chemical vapors that come from the chip making process helping to protect the air quality for all those that live near the plants. Do you like to drink beer? Our pumps are used by major breweries like Anheuser-Busch to pump chemicals used to clean and disinfect the equipment between batches. Every time you start your car there is a good chance an FTI pump was used by the battery manufacturer to transfer the sulfuric acid found in lead acid batteries. Our pumps are used to transfer sulfuric acid and concentrated hydrogen peroxide used in the manufacture of paper by major companies like International Paper. Do you ever use super glue? You guessed it, FTI pumps are used by 3M to manufacture super glue. Are you a Formula One race fan? The Mclaren team uses our products to pump the high tech resins used to manufacture the body parts. Our products are used to manufacture all kinds of personal care products from soaps and shampoos to cosmetics, suntan lotions and toothpaste that we use every day.

Did I mention food products? Our pumps can be found in all kinds of wellknown food producers. We pump honey, molasses, concentrated orange juice, gravy, barbeque sauce, corn syrup, diced tomatoes and chilies as well as an assortment of flavors.  As you can see, FTI pumps are used in diverse applications. You might not be able to see the pump, but know that many well-known companies rely on quality Finish Thompson pumps to safely and efficiently transfer the fluids they require to produce their products that we use in our daily lives.

~by Pete Scantlebury, VP of Development