Magnetic Sealless Pump – 5 Critical Applications

For applications where safety and reliability are paramount, a magnetic sealless pump is the ideal solution. Why? By eliminating the troublesome mechanical seal, the pump design eliminates the potential for leaks.

This leak-free design is crucial for two reasons. First, it improves employee and public safety. Second, it improves reliability for applications where leak-free operation is critical.

These qualities make a magnetic sealless pump ideal for the following applications.

1. Chemical Manufacturing

A magnetic sealless pump is used in nearly every phase of chemical manufacturing, from receiving raw materials to pumping finished products into drums, totes, tankers and rail cars. This type of pump provides a heavy-duty solution that can withstand the harshest chemicals in a full range of processes.

  • Offloading: A magnetic sealless pump is used to offload raw materials from rail cars and tanker trucks and transfer them to bulk storage.
  • Transfers: Once manufacturers are ready to move raw materials from storage to processing, they use a magnetic sealless pump to complete this transfer. Chemicals may be pumped into blending tanks, where various ingredients are mixed. A magnetic sealless pump is then used to recirculate the mixture and ensure appropriate blending. Many times, the liquid is also pumped through heat exchangers to remove excess heat produced by chemical reactions.
  • Packaging: When the products have been processed and are ready for distribution, manufacturers use a magnetic sealless pump to transfer product to the packaging line, tanker trucks or rail cars.

2. Chemical Distribution

Chemical distributors typically receive shipments via tanker truck or rail car. From this bulk environment, distributors need an efficient method to transfer the chemicals to trucks, totes and drums for delivery to end users. A magnetic sealless pump provides an effective way to quickly and safely make these transfers.

3. Water Treatment

Water treatment facilities use chemicals to make water safe for consumption. Some of these chemicals improve appearance, taste and odor, while others adjust pH, disinfect and protect. Virtually all of them are corrosive and toxic in their concentrated forms.

The most widely used chemicals, such as sodium hypochlorite, are kept in bulk storage tanks. A magnetic sealless pump transfers these chemicals to smaller day tanks, where specialized metering pumps continuously add small amounts to the water being processed.

In addition to drinking water, municipal and industrial wastewater must also be treated. These processes apply harsh chemicals and rely on a magnetic sealless pump to properly handle the highly concentrated substances.

4. Electroplating and Anodizing

At the heart of the plating process, we find a magnetic sealless pump in multiple applications as these processes require the use of many corrosive and toxic chemicals. The actual chemicals vary depending on the specific plating and anodizing process, and chemicals are also involved in the cleaning of parts before they are plated or anodized. A magnetic sealless pump is crucial to this preparation and finishing of components.

  • Pickling: Often, parts are pickled in acid to remove oxides and scale. A magnetic sealless pump is key in this process to handle the chemicals needed for thorough cleaning.
  • Agitation: Agitation is used to prevent temperature stratification in the tanks and to prevent settlement of particulates which aids in proper filtration. Magnetic sealless pumps are used to pump fluids through eductors which use the venturi principle to efficiently agitate the tank
  • Filtering: Many tanks require filtering so foreign matter does not end up on the finished products. All of the chemicals involved must be transferred into and out of the tanks throughout the process as needed.
  • Rinsing: After the parts are plated or anodized, processors use rinse water to remove chemical residues. These solutions are frequently hot to speed drying. In either situation, the chemicals must be circulated to maintain a constant temperature throughout.
  • Treatment: Rinse water must be transferred to waste treatment areas to prevent toxic materials from entering the environment. Once again, a magnetic sealless pump provides a reliable solution to safely complete this transfer.

5. Printed Circuit Board and Electronics Manufacturing

Printed circuit boards play a critical role in many electronic devices. Creating these boards is a precision process, parts of which utilize corrosive and toxic chemicals. Similar to other applications, these chemicals must be circulated and filtered.

  • Micro-bubble prevention: A vertical magnetic sealless pump is hermetically sealed and can be submerged in the fluid. This design prevents the formation of troublesome micro-bubbles, which can prevent electrical flow and render the board useless.
  • Fume scrubbing: Semiconductor manufacturing involves many toxic materials, including extremely toxic gases, which cannot be directly exhausted to the atmosphere. They must first pass through advanced fume scrubbing systems. A magnetic sealless pump is an essential part of the fume scrubber system. The pump is ideal for this application due to its leak-free design and high degree of reliability.

Meet Our Magnetic Sealless Pumps

To meet the demands of these critical applications, Finish Thompson’s complete product line features more than one magnetic sealless pump. These industry-leading options include:

ULTRAChem® UC Series

  • Extreme reliability
  • Tough construction of ductile iron with corrosion-resistant ETFE lining
  • Durable design handles up to 300 psi max working pressure (20 Bar) and 250°F (121°C) max temperature rating
  • Sealless leak-free design

Finish Thompson UC Series Pump

Workhorse DB Series

  • 5-year warranty
  • Best efficiency in its class
  • Sealless, corrosion-resistant design
  • Run-dry performance

Finish Thompson DB Series Pump

Self-Priming SP Series

  • Lightning fast self-priming
  • Run-dry capability
  • No seals, so there are no leaks
  • Powerful deep vacuum, capable of lifting fluid from as deep as 25 ft. (7.6 m)

Finish Thompson SP Series Pump

VKC Series

  • Virtually eliminates aeration, foaming and micro-bubbles
  • Molded components with O-ring protection
  • Mounting versatility – inside or out of the fluid
  • Air-tight design to protect internals and motor from corrosion

Finish Thompson VKC Series Pump

Find the Right Pump for Your Setting

Which magnetic sealless pump is right for you? To find out, use our pump selector to discover the best pump solution for your application. For additional input from one of our pump experts, contact our team.

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