How to Use a 55 Gallon Drum Electric Pump

How to Use a 55 Gallon Drum Electric Pump

A 55 gallon drum electric pump is key for safe chemical transfer. It provides an easy way to transfer chemicals from drums and barrels to larger containers – with reduced risk. It is ideal for the transfer of acids, bases, solvents, cleaners, plating solutions, DEF, food products, and more.

Of course, to maximize the ease and safety of a 55 gallon drum electric pump, it is necessary to use it correctly. The following guide offers basic handling instructions and safety tips to optimize your use of a 55 gallon drum electric pump.

Operation Guide

To set up and run a 55 gallon drum electric pump, follow these steps.

  1. Motor installation: Make sure the motor is properly installed on the pump tube. Follow the motor instruction manual for this process. The motor should be in the off position.
  2. Hose insertion: Insert the pump tube into the fluid you will be dispensing. Then insert the hose into the container to be filled. (These must be in place before you start the pump.)
  3. Discharge check: Make sure the discharge hose on the 55 gallon drum electric pump is properly secured.
  4. Pumping: Connect to power supply, then turn the motor on to begin pumping. Verify there are no leaks. If you detect any leaks, turn the motor off immediately and check all hose connections. Note: Never allow the pump to run dry.

Safety Tips

As you set up and operate a 55 gallon drum electric pump, keep the following safety tips in mind. Using these tips will allow you to maximize the pump efficiency and minimize personal injury and environmental hazards.

  • Secure containers: Before you begin the transfer, make sure both containers are secured. This may require strapping or clamping. It may also involve placing the containers on a level surface. Verify that there will be no risk for shifting or rolling during the transfer that could cause a leak.
  • Use bung adapters: Bung adapters are available to provide a tighter fit between the pump tube and bung opening of a standard drum. If needed, use a bung adapter to ensure the fit is secure. Contact your local Finish Thompson distributor for bung adapter info.
  • Take precautions with flammables: If the transfer involves flammable liquids, take proper precautions. ALWAYS use a stainless steel pump tube with an explosion-proof electric motor or air motor and static protection kit with grounded discharge hose when pumping or mixing flammable or combustible material. ALWAYS ensure the pump, hose, and motor are bonded to ground, and the tanks/containers are separately bonded to ground. ALWAYS inspect the integrity of the ground wire connections prior to each use. Eliminate ignition sources. Keep the area cool, dry, and well ventilated. Use approved safety containers, and always wear appropriate personal protective equipment.
  • Choose the right flow: Several factors affect the flow of the transfer. The type of substance, the pump model, and other environmental conditions can affect the flow. It is important to choose the appropriate flow for your application to avoid spills and accidents.
  • Select the right pump: One of the best safety tips for operating a 55 gallon drum electric pump is to choose the best pump for the job. This will provide the right components, proper flow, and optimal performance to deliver a safe transfer. Use the links below to explore pump options and discover the ideal pump for your application.

Finish Thompson’s Complete Line of Drum Pumps

Finish Thompson has a 55 gallon drum electric pump for virtually every application. From high flow to high viscosity and beyond, Finish Thompson pumps are used in dozens of industries for thousands of tasks. Check out the unique offerings of each Finish Thompson pump series below.

PF Series Chemical Drum Pump

  • High performance design and materials
  • Sealless design
  • Unique double suction impeller
    for high flow and high head
  • FDA-compliant options
Finish Thompson PF Series Pump

SF Series Chemical Drum Pump

  • High performance design and materials
  • Sealless design
  • Dual impeller provides high flow or high head options
  • 40 mm (1.6”) diameter tube for smaller drum openings
Finish Thompson SF Series Pump

EF Series Chemical Drum Pump

  • Medium performance design and materials
  • Sealless design
  • Lightweight and economical
  • Ideal powered replacement for hand-operated pumps
Finish Thompson EF Chemical Drum Pump

BT Series Chemical Drum Pump

  • High viscosity design
  • Up to 15,000 cP
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Sealed design
Finish Thompson BT Chemical Drum Pump

HVDP Series Drum Pump

  • High viscosity design
  • Progressive cavity design for up to 100,000 cP
  • Unique camlock feature for quick disassembly
  • FDA-compliant options
Finish Thompson HVDP Chemical Drum Pump

About Finish Thompson

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