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Durable, Energy-Efficient Pumps Transform Wastewater Treatment Operations

What happens when your centrifugal pump can’t handle your heavy-duty operations? The pump fails, and your operations suffer. And that’s exactly what happened to a wastewater treatment plant in Vietnam last year.

The motors they were using lacked efficiency, and frequent inner part failures were putting a strain on their budget and their service to area textile-dying plants. They needed a better solution, and Finish Thompson’s DB series proved ideal.


New 1/4" AODD Pump: Perfect for Small-Flow Applications

Looking for the perfect pump for small-volume transfers? The new FTI Air Model FT025 is ideal. This model features a unique stall-free air valve that requires no separate or mechanically-operated pilot valve – so you get reliable operation and simplified maintenance. The pump can connect via internal or external threads, with NPT or BSP piping. Plus, the 1/4" pump is interchangeable with other brands, so conversion is quick and easy.

Top 10 Reasons Customers Will Love Our New 1/4" AODD Pump

  1. Simple design for minimal maintenance
  2. 5.8 gpm (22 lpm) maximum flow
  3. Unfilled polypropylene, unfilled PVDF, or conductive carbon-filled polypropylene construction
  4. Santoprene or PTFE diaphragms
  5. Versatile suction and discharge connections
  6. Pilot-free air system for improved reliability
  7. Durable stainless steel air inlet
  8. Compact design
  9. Quiet – only 65.3 dB(A)
  10. Easy conversion from other pump brands


Innovative Technology Protects Inner Drive Magnets, Prevents Corrosion

The problem: Inner magnet exposure to aggressive chemicals risks permeation in filled plastics, which can cause corrosion and, ultimately, pump failure.

The problem solvers: When better solutions are needed, the engineers at Finish Thompson explore new technologies to provide them. Encapsulating the inner drive magnets in unfilled plastics prevents chemical permeation, making a pump that offers outstanding corrosion resistance against the most aggressive chemicals. For maximum reliability, turn to Thompson mag drive pumps: