"Finish Line" Newsletter: Vertical Integration Drives Major Customer Benefits

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We live in a global economy. Manufacturing is often an intercontinental process. Companies sometimes rely on outsourcing key steps of their production process to create products and fulfill customer orders.

What would it look like if all of these pieces were under one roof? What benefits might our customers and distributors enjoy? Could vertical integration transform operations and deliver better service and better products? And do it more efficiently?

Finish Thompson is working to answer these questions with full-scale vertical integration efforts. The result? Greater efficiency. Improved quality. Reduced supply-chain issues. And more.

“We’ve invested significantly in industry-leading equipment and expansion of our U.S.-based facility,” says Casey Bowes, CEO. “Now, we can design a product, prototype it, make the tooling for it, injection-mold the components, paint it, assemble it, and ship it. All within the walls of our Erie, Pennsylvania, facility.”

“This helps us drive quality and innovation, two key steps in our goal to become a better supplier.”

Discover how Finish Thompson completed this vertical integration process and how customers are reaping the benefits.


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