"Finish Line" Newsletter: Leading Wire Manufacturer in a Pickle - Finish Thompson Provides Solution

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Wire manufacturing involves harsh processing and pickling procedures to remove impurities from the coiled metal. These operations require strong acids, which must be managed carefully. The challenge? Many pumps cannot reliably handle these harsh chemicals – which is what one leading manufacturer discovered first-hand.

As one of the largest wire manufacturers in North America, the company was using about 80 pumps in its extensive operations. All these pumps featured a mechanical seal design. Because mechanical seals are prone to leaks, especially when exposed to such harsh substances and processes, the company suffered costly maintenance issues. Due to the magnitude of pumps and frequent seal failures, it was not uncommon for multiple maintenance personnel to be devoted to pulling, repairing and/or replacing pumps throughout the company’s operations on a daily basis.

They knew this labor-intensive cycle needed to end. So, when their pump distributor heard of their struggle, they pointed them to Finish Thompson and their sealless mag-drive pumps.

It was the direction they needed, and it has transformed their operations.

Discover how Finish Thompson significantly reduced their maintenance costs and increased production, becoming the company’s go-to source for durable, reliable pumps.


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