7 Polypropylene Drum Pump Applications

7 Polypropylene Drum Pump Applications

What makes a polypropylene drum pump suitable for multiple settings? It’s the unique and durable material used for its construction.

Polypropylene is a synthetic resin. It can be molded into many plastic products that require durability, flexibility, and chemical resistance. It offers multiple advantages, making it a go-to material for certain drum pumps.

Polypropylene advantages:

  • It’s economical.
  • It has high flexural strength.
  • It has good impact strength.
  • It is resistant to absorbing moisture.
  • It is a good electrical insulator.
  • It offers a relatively slippery surface.
  • It has good chemical resistance.
  • It offers fatigue resistance.

Tapping into these benefits, pump manufacturers offer a variety of polypropylene drum pump models to serve numerous industries. Each type differs in certain qualities, but the main concept is consistent: the pump fits into the opening of a drum, and the fluid flows through a tube to the receiving container. This provides a safe method to transfer chemicals between containers, which makes a polypropylene drum pump ideal for specific applications.

Ideal Applications for a Polypropylene Drum Pump

The list of applications below is diverse, and it includes some harsh environments.

Plating Solutions: Plating processes may involve more than a dozen harsh chemicals that must be carefully transferred, stored, and accessed. A polypropylene drum pump is capable of efficiently managing these tasks. It is ideal for emptying and refilling tanks with plating solutions.

DEF: Diesel exhaust fluid (also known as AdBlue) is the standard substance used for breaking down emissions and protecting the environment from diesel pollutants. A polypropylene drum pump can handle this harsh substance, making it ideal for portable DEF transfer and container-to-container transfers.

Medical settings: Kidney dialysis requires a safe and efficient transfer of chemicals. Due to the environment, this transfer may need to be quiet, quick, and occur in tight quarters. A polypropylene drum pump meets all these criteria.

Coolants: These substances can contain chemicals that are too harsh for some pumps to handle. A polypropylene drum pump is capable of safely transferring coolants. It is ideal for situations that require storage or relocation of these substances.

Cleaners:* The durability and chemical resistance of a polypropylene drum pump make it suitable for certain cleaner transfers.

Water treatment chemicals:* Water treatment processes may involve coagulants, pH neutralizers, flocculants, and other harsh agents. A polypropylene drum pump can be used to transfer these chemicals from bulk storage to day tanks, unload them from tank trucks, or empty batch treatment tanks.

Swimming pool chemicals:* Maintaining the appropriate pH range in swimming pools requires the careful use of chemicals to achieve balance. A polypropylene drum pump provides an effective method of transferring these chemicals for storing, unloading, or emptying.

*Always ensure the polypropylene drum pump is compatible with the chemicals involved in the application. Some manufacturers offer a hybrid unfilled polypropylene/unfilled PVDF version for pumping sodium hypochlorite as a very economical solution. Finish Thompson’s chemical guide offers additional information for quick reference.

Finish Thompson’s Complete Line of Polypropylene Drum Pumps

Do you need a durable drum pump for your application? Finish Thompson has a polypropylene drum pump to suit virtually every setting. Check out the links below to learn more about each series and how these pumps can improve your operations.

PF Series

  • High performance design and materials
  • Sealless electric barrel pump design
  • Handles fluids up to 2000 cP
  • Unique double suction impeller for high flow and high head
  • FDA-compliant options
Finish Thompson PF Series Pump

SF Series

  • High performance design and materials
  • Sealless design
  • Dual impeller option provides high flow or high head
  • Handles fluids up to 1200 cP
  • 40 mm (1.6”) diameter tube for smaller bung openings
  • Integral strainer on high-flow versions
Finish Thompson SF Series Pump

EF Series

  • Sealless design
  • Lightweight and economical
  • Ideal powered replacement for hand-operated pumps
  • Integral strainer
  • An affordable choice for light-duty transfer
Finish Thompson EF Chemical Drum Pump

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