55-Gallon Drum Hand Pump Alternatives

55-Gallon Drum Hand Pump Alternatives

A 55-gallon drum hand pump offers a safe method of transferring chemicals between containers. The pump fits into the opening of a drum, and the fluid flows through a tube to the receiving container. This method eliminates the need to tip or pivot heavy drums, which greatly reduces the risks of spills and injuries.

The use of a 55-gallon drum hand pump for transfers is common in numerous industries, making drum pumps a staple tool for myriad applications. Common uses for a 55-gallon drum hand pump include sampling and testing in settings such as electroplating facilities and fish hatcheries, harsh chemical transfers in odor control, steel processing applications, and portable system applications such as DEF and concentrated bleach solutions for disinfecting or sterilizing purposes.

Due to the variety of applications, drum pumps are available in many styles, lengths, and capabilities. It’s important to note that certain types offer significant advantages over others.

Disadvantages of a 55-Gallon Drum Hand Pump

Due to their manual functions, hand pumps in particular have several disadvantages.

Limits Productivity

A 55-gallon drum hand pump can handle a variety of liquid transfer applications including viscous liquids. However, it will transfer fluids much more slowly than an electric drum pump, which limits worker productivity. Typically, the maximum flow for a 55-gallon drum hand pump is 6 to 10 GPM. To achieve the maximum flow of 10 GPM on a lever-action drum pump, you would have to pump a lever 100 times or more per minute. Worse, to dispense even six GPM with a rotary hand pump–which involves turning a crank–would require 135 complete rotations in a minute. Which ultimately means dedicating more time and energy that could be spent in other areas and a worker with a lot of stamina.

“The hand pumps were cumbersome, difficult to prime when the chemicals were low, and do not hold up well.”

– Water Treatment Facility Technician

Labor-intensive Operation

The operation of a 55-gallon drum hand pump requires considerable physical effort. This makes the pump harder to use than electric drum pumps. The manual operation also adds the risk of error and exposure to hazardous chemicals. Physical exertion also causes worker fatigue. This further reduces productivity and can lead to injury.

Low Reliability

A 55-gallon hand drum pump is typically less reliable than a powered pump. Hand pump styles tend to wear if used frequently so must be replaced periodically. As a result, owners of a 55-gallon hand drum pump often spend less initially on the pump but eventually incur a higher cost due to replacements and lost productivity. Electric drum pumps, while at a higher price point, offer a lower cost of ownership long-term.

Hand Pump Alternatives

The many disadvantages of a 55-gallon drum hand pump have caused pump owners to seek out alternatives. Electric drum pumps offer many advantages that make them a top choice for numerous applications.

First, electric drum pumps are highly efficient. Motorized drum pumps can transfer liquids at much faster rates than a 55-gallon drum hand pump. This improves productivity and reduces costs, which in turn supports business objectives.

Because they eliminate most of the physical labor involved in fluid transfers, electric drum pumps not only increase the speed of transfers, they also offer a safer option. The risk of fatigue and injury is significantly reduced when the motor does the work instead of the operator.

Further, electric drum pumps offer a long-term, reliable solution for transfers. Their robust construction creates pumps that last and that can be counted on to deliver safe, efficient transfers again and again.

Finish Thompson’s Complete Line of Drum Pumps

To enhance your pump operations, consider the following 55-gallon drum hand pump alternatives. Finish Thompson’s complete line of electric drum pumps offers a reliable solution for virtually every application.

EF Series Drum Pump

  • Ideal powered replacement for hand-operated pumps
  • An economical choice for light-duty transfer
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Integral strainer
  • Sealless design
Finish Thompson EF Chemical Drum Pump

PF Series Drum Pump

  • High performance design and materials
  • Handles fluids up to 2000 cP
  • Unique double suction impeller
    for high flow and high head
  • FDA-compliant options
  • Sealless design
Finish Thompson PF Series Pump

SF Series Drum Pump

  • High performance design and materials
  • Dual impeller provides high flow or high head
  • 40 mm (1.6”) diameter tube for smaller bung openings
  • Integral strainer on high-flow versions
  • Handles fluids up to 1200 cP
  • Sealless design
Finish Thompson SF Series Pump

TT Series Drum Pump

  • Ideal for liquids with small particulate or solvents
  • 316 stainless steel or CPVC tube materials
  • Tubes are interchangeable with motors
  • Up to 200 cP with M6X air motor
  • FDA-compliant option
Finish Thompson TT Series Pump

HVDP Series Drum Pump

  • High viscosity, high head applications
  • Progressive cavity design for up to 100,000 cP
  • Unique Camlock feature for quick disassembly
  • FDA-compliant options
Finish Thompson HVDP Electric Drum Pump

BT Series Drum Pump

  • High viscosity design
  • Up to 15,000 cP
  • Stainless steel tube construction
  • Sealed design
Finish Thompson BT Electric Drum Pump

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