3 Crucial Water Transfer Pump Solutions for the Water Treatment Industry

3 Crucial Water Transfer Pump Solutions for the Water Treatment Industry

Transfer pumps are crucial to the multi-stage processes involved in water treatment. These pumps manage water, chemicals, and waste to help produce clean, safe water.

Facilities must choose the best pumps for these applications to achieve maximum productivity and safety. The wrong pumps can increase costs and risks. However, with the right pumps in place, facility managers can overcome the many challenges of the water treatment industry.

Challenges of the Water Treatment Industry

Every industry faces unique challenges. In the arena of water treatment, three specific challenges rise to the top.

Rigorous Regulations

Due to their critical nature, water treatment facilities must adhere to strict standards. The EPA sets legal limits on more than 90 contaminants in drinking water. On top of this, local governing bodies add their own regulations. Additionally, enhanced water treatment is needed to meet growing population demands and the effects of modern pollutants.

Water treatment facilities need water transfer pumps that can deliver precise, efficient operations to meet these demands.

Corrosive Chemicals

Water treatment facilities expose water transfer pumps to extreme environments. Treatment processes involve the use of harsh chemicals which some pumps cannot handle. If the wrong pumps are used, corrosive chemicals can cause damage that results in health and environmental hazards. Failed pumps also generate additional costs due to replacements, repairs, and downtime.

Water treatment facilities need water transfer pumps that feature heavy-duty construction to withstand corrosive chemicals.

Diverse Applications

Water treatment involves diverse processes and requirements. Systems include multiple applications involving a variety of chemicals. Facilities also face a variety of layout and logistical concerns. No single style of water transfer pump can meet these diverse needs.

Water treatment facilities need a comprehensive line of water transfer pumps to meet multiple system demands.

Pump Solutions for the Water Treatment Industry

Facilities can meet these demands with three crucial water transfer pump solutions.

1. Drum Pumps

Drum pumps can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance safety. Their operation requires little training. They are portable, and they can transfer high volumes of fluids quickly and effectively. Drum pumps are an affordable option, while also keeping chemicals safely contained. These advantages improve production and the bottom line.

In water treatment processes, drum pumps are key for the safe and efficient handling of harsh chemicals, from disinfectants and algaecides to flocculants. Facilities use drum pumps to transfer these water treatment chemicals from storage tanks to the various systems throughout the water treatment plant.

2. Sealless Mag Drive Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are the most commonly used type of pump for water applications. Sealless mage drive centrifugal pumps offer heavy-duty construction designed to deliver leak-free, reliable performance. Some can run dry without issue. Their capabilities can help improve treatment processes and safety levels.

These types of water transfer pumps are used in multiple water treatment systems. Applications include rapidly emptying batch treatment tanks, unloading chemicals from tank trucks, and disinfecting treated wastewater with sodium hypochlorite.

3. AODD Pumps

AODD pumps offer several benefits for water treatment systems. They are self-priming, submergible, offer adjustable flow and pressure, and can handle solids and abrasives. Their simple construction with few moving parts also minimizes maintenance and repairs.

In water treatment facilities, AODD pumps are used for several applications. These may include filter presses, sumps, transferring solid-laden media, and general-purpose fluid transfer applications.

Finish Thompson’s Water Treatment Solutions

Finish Thompson offers a complete line of water transfer pumps for the water treatment industry. Comprehensive designs include drum pumps, sealless mag drive pumps, and AODD pumps.

Drum Pumps

EF Series Water Transfer Pumps

  • Sealless design
  • Lightweight and economical
  • Ideal powered replacement for hand-operated pumps
  • Integral strainer
  • Affordable choice for light-duty transfer
Finish Thompson EF Chemical Drum Pump

SF Series Water Transfer Pumps

  • High performance, sealless design
  • Dual impeller option provides high flow or high head
  • Handles fluids up to 1200 cP
  • 40 mm (1.6”) diameter tube for smaller bung openings
  • Integral strainer on high-flow versions
Finish Thompson SF Series Pump

PF Series Water Transfer Pumps

  • High-performance design and materials
  • Sealless electric barrel pump design
  • Handles fluids up to 2000 cP
  • Unique double suction impeller for high flow and high head
  • FDA-compliant options
Finish Thompson PF Series Pump

Sealless Mag Drive Pumps

Finish Thompson DB Series Mag Drive PumpDB Series Water Transfer Pumps

  • Strongest neodymium magnets
  • Polypropylene or PVDF material
  • Rugged construction
  • High efficiency
  • Hours of run-dry capability
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty

Finish Thompson SP Series Mag Drive PumpSP Series Water Transfer Pumps

  • Lightning-fast self-priming
  • Corrosion resistant
  • No seals, so there are no leaks
  • Deep lift abilities
  • Transfer from tanks, sumps, rail cars
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty

Finish Thompson ULTRAChem Series Mag Drive PumpULTRAChem® Series Water Transfer Pumps

  • Leak-free operation
  • Ductile iron construction
  • EFTE-lined housing and wetted components
  • ANSI dimensional
  • Powerful neodymium magnets
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

Finish Thompson ULTRAChem Series Mag Drive PumpAODD Water Transfer Pumps

  • Metallic and non-metallic options
  • Designed for corrosive fluid transfers
  • Rugged and reliable construction
  • Few moving parts
  • FDA compliant options
  • Solids-handling capabilities

About Finish Thompson

Finish Thompson Inc. designs and manufactures pumps for the safe transfer of a wide variety of corrosive liquids. Products include centrifugal sealless magnetic drive pumps with run-dry capability, mechanically sealed pumps, drum and barrel pumps, vertical mag-drive pumps, multi-stage pumps, and the FTI Air line of air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps. For durable solutions for your applications, contact Finish Thompson Inc.