When Only the Toughest Pumps Will Do…

When Only the Toughest Pumps Will Do…

Discover how Finish Thompson handles the harshest food & beverage applications

What happens when pumps deliver poor performance? Or when the pump manufacturer delivers poor service? Customers look for new, better options. Wouldn’t you?

That’s what happened when an industry-leading food and beverage plant in Costa Rica needed better solutions.

Heavy-duty pumps were needed at the plant to transfer 18% sulfuric acid at temperatures of 100°C. Not surprisingly, it turns out that not all pumps can handle these extreme conditions. The plant was suffering from unscheduled downtime due to poor pump performance.

That was frustration #1. Frustration #2 was poor service from the manufacturer of the pumps. So…the plant owners decided it was time for a change.

Here’s a little-known fact: processing cotton seeds requires the use of 18% sulfuric acid at temperatures as high as 100℃.

Another interesting fact: Cotton is not food, but cotton seeds are processed at food and beverage plants. Why? Because cottonseed oil is used in many food products.

Why do you need to know these facts? So you can understand why a major food and beverage plant in Costa Rica needed better solutions for its chemical pumps – which they use for cotton seed processing.

Poor Tech + Poor Service = Poor Outcomes

The plant’s cotton seed processing requires 18 mag drive pumps. These pumps are crucial to successful operations – which means the pumps need to be able to withstand the harsh chemical and temperature exposures involved.

Unfortunately, the pumps originally installed at the plant weren’t delivering the performance needed. Operations were suffering from unscheduled downtime and worn-out pumps during their busy season.

Adding to the problem was the pump manufacturer’s lack of quality service. “They received poor service and attention from the manufacturer and its distributor,” explains Gilberto Narvaez Cardona, Finish Thompson Regional Sales Manager. “They were unhappy with their overall experience – both with the pumps and the company.” So, Finish Thompson stepped in to offer them a better experience.

Innovative Technology + Quality Service = Enhanced Outcomes

The plant replaced their 18 mag drive pumps with Finish Thompson’s DB Series pumps. These heavy-duty chemical pumps offer:

  • Rugged construction
  • Easy-set outer drive
  • High efficiency
  • Hours of run-dry capability
  • Strongest neodymium magnets
  • 5-year warranty

“After two high-production seasons, they’ve had absolutely no problems with these quality pumps,” reports Cardona. “They’ve enjoyed greater performance, without the unscheduled downtime they were experiencing previously. The change has provided better technology – and better service from Finish Thompson and our distributor. Our distributor is responsive to their needs, and we provide factory recommendations to ensure those needs are met with the best possible solutions. It’s definitely been a big win for the customer. And it’s another big win for us.”

Solving the toughest challenges in pumping corrosive chemicals.
That’s what we do, at Finish Thompson.

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