High Head, Low Flow Pump Proves Ideal for Marijuana Irrigation

High Head, Low Flow Pump Proves Ideal for Marijuana Irrigation

When your business literally lives and dies by its irrigation system, you need irrigation pumps you can count on. One cannabis company discovered this first hand. When one of their pumps failed, they realized they needed better solutions for their system.

But where could they find a pump that would not only deliver reliable operation, but also provide the low flow and high pressure required for their marijuana irrigation? Finish Thompson’s MSDB Series pumps offered the perfect solution.

Like any other plant, cannabis requires proper irrigation to thrive. If the irrigation system fails, the crop dies, and do does the business that sells it. When one cannabis company’s system was struggling, they needed a precise solution. What pump could provide the low flow and high pressure required for their irrigation system? And…do so reliably, without pump failure?

They turned to Finish Thompson for answers, and found them.

“They were having problems with a competitor’s mechanically sealed pump,” reports Troy Hurley, Regional Manager. “They needed something more reliable to deliver the nutrient-rich solution in their irrigation system. The challenge was to find something that could provide high head and low flow. But, with a complete line of products, we had the perfect pump.”

Multi-Stage Pumps to the Rescue

The distributor consulted with Finish Thompson and then recommended Finish Thompson’s MSDB Series mag drive pumps to the customer. These multi-stage sealless centrifugal pumps are designed to produce high heads at lower flow rates, providing reliable, long-term, leak-free operation.
The company ordered one MSDB pump in December of 2020. This new polypropylene sealless pump would be replacing a mechanically sealed metallic pump. If it worked out for them, they would consider purchasing additional pumps to replace the competitor’s models. It wasn’t long before they placed an order for five more Finish Thompson pumps.

Complete Line of Pumps for Irrigation Operations

“Not only did the pumps work well for them in the initial application,” reports Hurley, “they’ve decided to expand their use of Finish Thompson pumps to other areas of their operations. What was initially an effort to replace a few pumps has turned into a plant expansion that involves storage tank transfers and day tank transfers to irrigation sprayers. They will be outfitting their systems with 24 MSDB sealless pumps as well as several of our ULTRAChem® pumps, which are ideal for handling harsh chemical applications. We’re excited to be able to meet all their system needs with our diverse product line.”

About Finish Thompson

Finish Thompson Inc. designs and manufactures pumps for the safe transfer of a wide variety of corrosive liquids. Products include centrifugal sealless magnetic drive pumps with run-dry capability, mechanically sealed pumps, drum and barrel pumps, vertical mag-drive pumps, multi-stage pumps, and the FTI Air line of air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps. For durable solutions for your applications, contact Finish Thompson Inc.