No-Leak Design Serves Up Triple Play for Corrosive Chemical Handling

No-Leak Design Serves Up Triple Play for Corrosive Chemical Handling

It’s the most manufactured chemical in the world. It’s also one of the most important industrial chemicals in the world. And…it is highly corrosive, causing severe damage to the skin, eyes, and respiratory system if not handled appropriately.

What is this ubiquitous, potentially dangerous substance?

Sulfuric acid.

It was this substance that a multi-billion-dollar mining company needed to manage safely as a key aspect of their operations. But the pumps they were using weren’t up to handling the highly corrosive nature of this chemical. The resulting leaks were putting their employees and the surrounding environment at risk. Plus, the down-time and pump repairs were hitting their bottom line.

Discover how Finish Thompson’s rugged ULTRAChem® pumps provided the ideal solution – and delivered a successful triple-play for the customer.

Mining companies worldwide generate a whopping $925 billion in annual revenue. This sector is vital to the global economy. Industries around the world rely on mined materials for their products and operations.

And the mining companies rely on specialized equipment for their operations. Their processes require rugged, reliable pumps that can handle highly corrosive fluids.

One of these fluids is sulfuric acid. Exposure to this substance can cause a range of health issues, from irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, to breathing difficulties and burns. Long-term or high exposure can even lead to cancer or death.

Clearly, proper handling of sulfuric acid is key to safe operations. That’s why, when a multi-million-dollar mining company was experiencing leaks in their chemical transfer pumps, owners knew they needed better pumps for their sulfuric acid applications.

Seals + Sulfuric Acid = Leaks

The mining company had been using mechanically sealed centrifugal pumps to transfer sulfuric acid. This highly corrosive substance quickly wore out the pump seals, and pumps had to be replaced every six months. This was causing a host of issues.

First, as the seals failed, the pumps leaked. The resulting spills put employees and the environment at risk. Second, these acid spills had to be cleaned, which involved further exposure risk as well as cost for the meticulous procedure. Third, the failed pumps had to be replaced, which generated additional cost and down time.

With so much at stake, the company decided to make a change. They replaced the mechanically sealed pumps with Finish Thompson’s ULTRAChem® UC438 pumps. The sealless mag-drive design of these pumps eliminates the risk of failed seals and delivers reliable, leak-free operation. Further, the pumps’ durable ductile iron construction with ETFE lining for superior corrosion resistance make them an ideal choice for mining operations.

A Trifecta Solution

The Finish Thompson pumps resolved each of the mining company’s concerns.

Win #1: Boost the bottom line.

The sealless, rugged design of the pumps offers savings in terms of maintenance and cleaning, eliminates frequent replacement cost and labor and the pumps provide an increase in production due to a reduction in failures.

Win #2: Improve safety.

The elimination of leaks reduces risk to employees and the surrounding environment. The sealless design prevents spills and the resulting exposure and clean-up requirements.

Win #3: Customer satisfaction.

Mining company owners are happy with their choice of Finish Thompson products. The pumps deliver the high performance necessary for their heavy-duty operations.

With the Finish Thompson pumps in place, company owners can focus resources on other aspects of their business and continue to provide essential minerals to industries worldwide.

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