Finish Thompson Pumps: Perfect for Mineral Recovery

Finish Thompson Pumps: Perfect for Mineral Recovery

Discover how Finish Thompson pumps transformed plant operations

How do you breathe new life into an old plant? When one desalination company purchased a property that needed revamping for its operations, it needed the best pumps to meet market demands. The company needed superior performance, fast delivery, and innovative function.

Who was selected? Finish Thompson’s sealless technology beat out the alternatives.

Finish Thompson pumps’ helped plant owners quickly and effectively recover minerals and separate them into high-quality products. The extraction of multiple commodities holds significant value for multiple commercial markets.

Discover the three features that pushed Finish Thompson pumps to the front of the line in the company’s search for pumping solutions.

Finish Thompson Pumps Prove Perfect for Mineral Recovery

What do gypsum, sodium hydroxide, and hydrochloric acid have in common? These minerals are valuable commodities in major markets – industries such as oil & gas, paper, and agriculture. And each of them can be extracted at desalination plants with the right equipment.

To turn a profit, desalination plants need reliable, efficient operations. When a company in the south-central region purchased a plant to refurbish for their use, they knew the existing equipment wouldn’t do.

The company looked to pump manufacturers to provide new solutions that would enhance their processes and improve productivity and profits. When they looked at their options, the winner was clear. Finish Thompson won the business and provided 25 ULTRAChem® pumps for their desalination plant.

Finish Thompson pumps won their business with three distinct advantages.

  1. Superior Performance
    Finish Thompson UC pumps feature a sealless design that offers leak-free, long-term reliability. “These pumps are specifically engineered to provide superior performance in challenging applications, such as the recovery of minerals from wastewater,” explains Johnny Wong, Finish Thompson South Central Regional Manager. “By leveraging advanced technology and robust design, the pumps deliver consistent and reliable flow rates, allowing for efficient separation of minerals from the wastewater.”Finish Thompson’s pumps ensure optimal performance, even in fluctuating operating conditions. Wong wasn’t surprised by the plant’s choice. He adds, “Our pumps are ideal for the extraction of high-purity mineral products. The pumps increase water production and provide a cost-effective waste concentrate disposal solution.”
  1. Quick Delivery
    Time is a top commodity in any industry. “Finish Thompson excels in having the fastest delivery in the business,” reports Wong. “Our pumps’ streamlined designs, combined with in-house roto-mold production, allow fast delivery and maximize productivity.”
  1. Innovative Convenience
    Finish Thompson’s Easy Set Drive technology offers unparalleled convenience. “This user-friendly feature allows operators to effortlessly configure and service the pumps,” notes Wong.The innovative design:

The innovative design:

  • Simplifies the setup process
  • Makes repairs quick, easy, and error-proof
  • Optimizes the recovery of minerals

The unmatched convenience offered by the Easy Set Outer Drive function eliminates unnecessary complexities and empowers operators to achieve desired results efficiently. “With our sealless UC mag drives,” adds Wong, “there’s less downtime and reduced maintenance cost, which leads to improved efficiency for the plant.

Delivering Innovative Solutions

Finish Thompson has established itself as a leader in the field of mineral recovery. Through performance, delivery, and design, Finish Thompson continues to revolutionize the industry, delivering innovative solutions that empower businesses to succeed.

About Finish Thompson

Finish Thompson Inc. designs and manufactures pumps for the safe transfer of a wide variety of corrosive liquids. Products include centrifugal sealless magnetic drive pumps with run-dry capability, mechanically sealed pumps, drum and barrel pumps, vertical mag-drive pumps, multi-stage pumps, and the FTI Air line of air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps. For durable solutions for your applications, contact Finish Thompson Inc.