Centrifugal Pump Accessories

Finish Thompson conveniently offers a variety of centrifugal and drum pump accessories designed to enhance any pump system. Please click the links below or to the right to view our pump accessories.

Pedestal Assembly

Pedestal assemblies enable a pump to be coupled to special AC or DC electric motors, air motors, gas or diesel engines, and hydraulic motors using a flexible coupling. Finish Thompson offers standard pedestal assemblies to fit any of our horizontal centrifugal pumps with a NEMA 56C motor adapter.

A pedestal assembly option is also offered for the UC Series to fit NEMA frame sizes 145TC up to 256TC and IEC 90 up to 160.

Optional pedestal frame accessories, such as couplings, coupling guards, and base plates are available upon request.

For more information, please contact the sales department at Finish Thompson at 800-934-9384 or use the Contact Us form on this website.

Base Plates

Finish Thompson offers corrosion resistant base plates for use with our DB, SP, and UC Series pump models. Base plates lift the pump and motor off the floor, preventing damage from floods or spills and allowing for safe clean up.

Available in FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), light duty fiberglass (for smaller models), 316 stainless steel, epoxy painted steel (UC Series only), and polymer concrete (UC Series only) base plates are pre-machined to precisely fit Finish Thompson pumps and motors. Custom sizes and materials are also available upon request.

Stainless steel shims and hardware are included. Pump, motor and base plate will be assembled prior to shipping.

Power Monitor

Finish Thompson’s deluxe M20 Power Monitor with digital display and PLC output provides outstanding protection against pump failure due to run dry, dead heading, excess power, de-coupling and lack of priming (SP Series).

The M20 operates at 50 or 60 Hz, is easy to install, and offers four levels of protection (pre-alarm minimum & maximum power; alarm minimum & maximum power). Just three models cover all motor voltages up to 690 VAC and a transducer is included with each M20 at no additional charge.

For selection assistance, please contact Finish Thompson. Please have the voltage the motor will operate at and, if not ordering a motor with the pump, please also provide the motor data (i.e. brand, single or 3-phase, HP, etc.).

VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)

Variable frequency drives are used to control the speed of a 3-phase motor by changing the frequency. Changing the speed of the motor changes the flow rate and discharge head of the pump to better meet the application performance requirements. This allows the pump to run more efficiently and eliminates the need for a throttling valve. VFDs are sized based on the horsepower (or kilowatts) of the motor and the available supply voltage.