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Magnetic Drive (Mag Drive) Pumps - DB Series

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FTI's DB Series Magnetic Drive Pumps are the product of advanced engineering CFD design software and superior magnetic flux technology. Using powerful neodymium magnetic technology, the DB sealless mag drive pumps are an ideal replacement for mechanical sealed pumps in corrosive duty applications. Premium features include:

  • Highest efficiency - Up to 70% efficiency lowers cost of ownership by significant savings of electricity. Can save thousands of kWh per year on your electric bill.
  • Best run dry ability - Superior run dry ability helps protect the pump from system upset or operator error. Eliminates costly repairs and downtime.
  • Best warranty - Careful attention to detail results in a mag drive pump that is the most reliable and efficient on the market, offering five years of peace of mind.
  • Best corrosion resistance - Durably molded from corrosion resistant polypropylene or PVDF, the DB Series handles the most corrosive chemicals with ease. Prevents downtime due to pump corrosion problems.
  • High working pressure - Allows high specific gravity fluids to be safely pumped. Protects against unexpected surges in system pressure.
  • Multiple connections - NPT or BSP threads, adjustable flanges or union connections make it easy to connect to any system reducing installation cost and time
  • Standard NEMA or IEC motors - DB Series mounts to all standard motors.
  • ATEX certified models available.
ModelMax FlowMax Head
DB315.1 gpm (2.8m3/hr)20.4 feet (4.5m)
DB418.0 gpm (3.4m3/hr)29.2 feet (6.1m)
DB519.4 gpm (3.6m3/hr)35.2 feet (7.5m)
DB5.530.0 gpm (5.7m3/hr)31.0 feet (6.6m)
DB946.0 gpm (0.0m3/hr)67.0 feet (0.0m)

The pump models below have multiple impeller diameters which allow for enhanced hydraulic selection and application flexibility. Simply click on the model to view specific performance for each impeller diameter.

ModelMax FlowMax Head
DB640.0 gpm (9.2 m3/hr)33.0 feet (10.0 m)
DB6H42.0 gpm (9.5 m3/hr)54.0 feet (14.5 m)
DB861.0 gpm (15.0 m3/hr)45.0 feet (14.1 m)
DB769.0 gpm (15.8 m3/hr)34.0 feet (10.0 m)
DB1096.0 gpm (20.7 m3/hr)51.0 feet (14.2 m)
DB11116.0 gpm (26.8 m3/hr)74.0 feet (23.0 m)
DB15136.0 gpm (29.1 m3/hr)98.0 feet (27.0 m)
DB22220.6 gpm (50.7 m3/hr)201.4 feet (43.8 m)